[Rasch] Rasch Workshop Oct 20-21

Ev Smith evsmith at uic.edu
Mon Sep 3 02:04:01 EST 2007

>We are planning a 2-day Rasch workshop at the University of Illinois - 
>Chicago for October 20-21, 2007.
>Below is a brief description for the October workshop. I would appreciate 
>if you could pass this along to anyone that may
>be interested.
>An Introduction to Rasch Measurement: Theory and Applications
>October 20-21, 2007
>University of Illinois - Chicago
>Chicago, IL
>The purpose of this training session is to introduce participants to the 
>theory and applications of Rasch measurement.
>This session will provide participants with the necessary tools to become 
>effective consumers of research employing
>Rasch measurement and the skills necessary to solve practical measurement 
>problems. Instructional material will be based
>on four Rasch measurement models: dichotomous, rating scale, partial 
>credit, and many-facet data. Participants will have
>the opportunity to use current Rasch software.
>The format will consist of eight self-contained units. The units are: 
>Introduction to Rasch Measurement;
>Item and Person Calibration; Dichotomous and Polytomous Data; Performance 
>and Judged Data; Applications of Rasch Measurement I
>and II; Examples of Rasch Analyses; and Analysis of Participants Data. The 
>material covered is these units are an
>overview of material that would normally be covered in approximately two 
>to three graduate level measurement courses.
>The co-directors will divide the topics in each session to maximize 
>individual strengths.
>Registration includes the full 2-day workshop, a continental breakfast 
>each morning, over 550 pages of handouts and tutorial
>material, a copy of Introduction to Rasch Measurement (698 pages) and 
>Rasch Measurement: Advanced and Specialized
>Applications (470 pages), and a one-year subscription to the Journal of 
>Applied Measurement.
>See www.jampress.org for more details on these publications.
>Audience: Anyone interested in learning about the practical aspects of 
>Rasch measurement. Previous training in measurement
>is recommended, but not necessary.
>Directors Names:        Everett V. Smith Jr. and Richard M. Smith
>Contact Everett Smith at evsmith at uic.edu or visit www.jampress.org under 
>Rasch Measurement Workshops for more details
>and registration materials.
>Everett Smith, Ph.D.
>Associate Professor, Educational Psychology
>Director, Measurement, Evaluation, Statistics, and Assessment Lab 
>Associate Editor, Journal of Applied Measurement (http://www.jampress.org)
>For the Ph.D. in MESA visit http://www.uic.edu/educ/epsy/mesa.html
>University of Illinois at Chicago
>1040 West Harrison Street
>M/C 147
>Chicago, IL 60607
>Office: 312-996-5630
>Fax: 312-996-5651
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