[Rasch] Why are Rasch measures linear?

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Dear Gregory:  


This is not possible.  Consider the follow series


The underlying distances are actually 


1    14   15    16    22    23

These have the ordinals associated with the underlying distances of 

1    2      3     4       5       6


Taking the log of the ordinals does nothing to linearize this series.





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Michael and David are by far more advanced scholars than I, but I would like
to go back to Ronald Fisher who took ordinal scale data and transformed it
into interval scale data through simple logarithmic transformations.  Of
course it had none of the other properties that the Rasch transformation
includes beyond the notion of linearity, however the transformation to
linearity was performed statistically many, many years before Rasch, at
least from a mathematical perspective.  Linearity itself seems to me to be
the simplest of the Rasch transformations, rather than the most complex.
Independence and the construction of variables are far more difficult to
explain generally.  If I am mistaken about Fisher, I hope someone will
correct me!


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Dear all,
I have a basic question on the Rasch model.
We always hear that Rasch measures are linear while raw scores aren't.
Linearity is defined as "equal increments to the difficulty or ability
measures when one more unit is added to a person's or an item's location".
What I can't grasp is why Rasch measures are linear? What's magic about the
Rasch measures. Once I heard  "Rasch measures are cnstructed to be linear".
But how?
I'd be grateful if someone explains in laymen terms that why Rasch measures
are linear.


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