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Dear Colleague
I am glad to send you this final announcement of 
the 2008 Asian Chinese Quality of Life Conference 
for your information. You may see the most 
updated scientific program at 
You may enjoy early bird registration fee if you 
register online before 15 April 2008 at 
You can submit an abstract for free paper 
presentation online at 
The below are some highlights of the scientific 
programs. Further, there will be more than 40 
Hong Kong and Mainland China QOL researchers 
sharing their QOL research findings in the free 
paper sessions.

Plenary lectures
1.         40 years of HrQoL research in the world and the way ahead.
2.         Measuring the “Q” of QALYs
3.         The use of Differential Item 
Functioning to evaluate Health Related 
QoL measures
4.         Making sense of Health-Related QoL (HRQoL) measurement
5.         Selection of HRQoL and SWB endpoints 
in QoL research in psycho-social services and 

1.         Cross Cultural Translation: updating 
standards for methods and documentation
2.         Rasch Measurement for HRQoL Surveys - An introductory workshop
3.         QoL Research in Chinese Medicine, 
nursing and rehabilitation – Concepts and 
4.         Applications of Item Response Theory 
Modeling for Improving Health Outcomes Measurement
5.         Preference-based Measure of HRQoL- Standard Gamble

Research methodology and statistics
1.         FDA Guidelines in PRO measures and research
2.         Analysis of health-related QoL data in clinical trial  
3.         Development of a QoL questionnaire for children with Cerebral Palsy.
4.         Evaluation of Internal Consistency in 
the Presence of Inconsistent Responses
5.         Data analysis in QoL Research - the 
strengths and weaknesses of the variety of 
6.         Analyzing longitudinal QoL data: From 
repeated measures ANOVA to general linear mixed 

Psychiatric and rehabilitation
1.         QoL of elders with cognitive impairment
2.         A review of QoL researches in patients 
with first-episode psychosis in Hong Kong – 
findings and the way ahead 
3.         Socio-demographic and clinical 
correlates of lifetime suicide attempts and their 
impact on QoL in Chinese schizophrenia patients

Subjective Well Being and Rehabilitation
1.         Subjective wellbeing measurement 
principles of people with cognitive impairment
2.         The Personal Wellbeing Index as a 
contemporary subjective wellbeing measurement 
approach for people with cognitive impairment
3.         The Personal Wellbeing 
Index-Intellectual Disability version (PWI-ID): 
its psychometrics and theoretical underpinning
4.         QoL of disabled people in Guangzhou – A community survey
5.         The Concept of happiness in Chinese 
philosophy – the implications to rehabilitation 

QOL in elderly
1.         Social and Behavioral factors 
associated with life satisfaction among Japanese 
elders in the United States
2.         The MIPAA Review in the Asia Pacific: 
Advancing health and wellbeing into old age
3.         QoL Studies: Implications for 
promoting Quality Care among Chinese older people 
in Hong Kong
4.         Health -related QoL of community-dwelling older people in Hong Kong
5.         Quality of life in the community: Caring Index and C.A.R.
6.         QoL Research in Palliative care patients
7.         Application of Rasch to McGill QoL-HK for palliative care patients

Kwok Fai Leung
Chairman, Scientific Program Committee
2008 Asian Chinese QOL conference

Trevor G BOND Ph D
Professor and Head of Dept
Educational Psychology, Counselling & Learning Needs
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Hong Kong Institute of Education
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