[Rasch] Prameter to observation ratio?

Purya Baghaei puryabaghaei at gmail.com
Thu Feb 14 04:09:13 EST 2008

Dear list members,

I vaguely remember something that I read or heard (don't know where, may be
dreamed) about parameter to observation ratio. Is there really such a thing?

Is it possible to stably calibrate say, 100 items with 50 persons?

Is there any rule of thumb for parameter to observation ratio?

I have read Mike's paper in RMT, where he convincingly specifies the right
number of persons for stable estimation but doesn't mention the ratio of
parameters to persons as a factor that can affect estimation.


I'd be thankful for any sources that have addressed this issue.

I was thinking of carrying out a simulation study and find out more about

Is it really worth doing?


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