[Rasch] Rasch and Misfit

Mike Linacre (RMT) rmt at rasch.org
Sun Jul 6 13:18:31 EST 2008

Thank you, Steve.

You wrote: Either way, assigning Joe a "score" is inappropriate.

Comment: Yes, if the test has no real purpose, but consider the completely 
misfitting situation were Joe gets all the easy items wrong, and all the 
hard items right. If there is a purpose for the test, a useful score to 
report would be the one that matches that purpose.

How about a language test? Native learners usually learn to speak 
colloquially before learning to read and write. Second-language learners 
may learn to read and write before learning to speak colloquially. So 
"easy" and "hard" items reverse. A useful measure is based on the purpose 
for the test, e.g., "hiring interpreters" or "hiring translators".

Mike L. 

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