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Dear Anthony,
We fit data to the model: see B&F2, chap 12 for the detail.
Many others try to find models to fit the data in order to describe the data

we aim to have the data to fit the model to create measures...or to 
understand 'why not?'
At 2:57 AM -0700 7/7/08, Anthony James wrote:
>Dear all,
>I have come across expressions such as "fitting the Rasch model (or 
>2PL, 3PL) to Test X" or "the Rasch model fits (or does not fit)", 
>"the Rasch model was fitted".
>My question is when we "fit the Rasch model to a test" we are more 
>emphasizing the model rather than the data. I was curious to know if 
>these wordings have any special meaning and implications. Or do they 
>simply mean Rasch analyzing the data and finding the misfitting 
>items and persons and other routine analyses?
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