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Dear Antony,

This problem is similar to the question whether the 2-PL model is unidimensional. So do intersecting item response curves (ICCs) imply that a test is multidimensional? Not necessarily because differences in item slopes could have been caused by different random error components among the items. So the test would still be unidimensional. But unidimensionality only holds if all error components/vectors are orthogonal to each other and to the underlying trait. Unfortunately, most of the 2-PL proponents deftly avoid to test this strong assumption which is rarely met (s. Masters, 1988; Tuerlinckx & De Boeck, 2001a, 2001b; see also Lumsden, 1978).



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>>> Anthony James <luckyantonio2003 at> 09.07.2008 09:03 >>>
Hi all,
I have found something interesting:
"...a Rasch model fit impressively supports unidimensionality of a
test,2 but in reverse, a Rasch model misfit does not necessarily contradict
unidimensionality. The appropriateness of the scoring rule has merely been invalidated
in the latter case" (p.381).
This is very different to what I have learned.
Any ideas?
It is here: 


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