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Thomas Salzberger Thomas.Salzberger at wu-wien.ac.at
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At 13:19 16.07.2008, Anthony James wrote:

>Hi all,
>Has anyone ever tried to Rasch analyse a 
>variable for which there¢s concatenation-based 
>objective measurement? Suppose we make a height 
>scale with 6 points:<?xml:namespace prefix = o 
>ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />
>Very short (1), short (2), average height (3), 
>quite tall (4), rather all (5), Very Tall (6)
>We measure some people with this scale and then 
>Rasch analyses it and obtain Rasch height 
>measures. How do these measures compare with 
>persons¢ heights in centimeters or inches? Does 
>the Rasch measure difference between a person 
>who is 170 cm and a person who is 175cm equal to 
>the Rasch measure difference between a person 
>who is 180cm and one who is 185cm?
>I¢d love to see what happens. Pairing persons¢ 
>heights in cm and their Rasch heights 
>simultaneously on a vertical line and comparing 
>the calibrations give a good test of Rasch¢s interval scaling, I guess.


very interesting question. I am sure someone has 
done this before. So I am also curious. Have you searched RMT?

However, I would not be totally surprised if 
there be a deviance. Objective measurement of 
length is one thing but if we ask human beings to 
judge a person's height we might capture 
something like "perceived height" rather than 
"objective height". There could be a non-linear 
relationship between objective height and 
perceived height. So, Rasch could very well 
provide a linear measure of the latent variable 
but that variable could stand in a non-linear 
relationship to objective length. Just a thought.

Best wishes

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