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The latest issue of the Journal of Applied Measurement (Vol. 9, No. 2) is now available.  The contents of this issue are listed below.  If you have not seen the journal, sample copies are available on request.  
Sample copies may be requested by e-mail.  Please address those requests to the editor.  If you think that 
your students would find the work published in JAM useful, we can also arrange for sample copies for your measurement classes.  Contact information for sample copies is listed below.  

Please visit our web page at http://www.jampress.org for a complete list of articles published in JAM and the abstracts for the articles listed below.

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Vol. 9, No. 2, Summer 2008

Effects of Varying Magnitude and Patterns of Response Dependence in the Unidimensional Rasch Model
        Ida Marais and David Andrich
Fisher’s Information Function and Rasch Measurement
       Mark H. Stone
A Rasch Analysis for Classification of Systemic Lupus Erythematosus and Mixed Connective Tissue Disease
      Kyle Perkins, Robert W. Hoffman, and Nikolaus Bezruczko
Magnitude Estimation and Categorical Rating Scaling in Social Sciences: A Theoretical and Psychometric Controversy
      Svetlana Beltyukova, Gregory E. Stone, and Christine M. Fox
Impact of Altering Randomization Intervals on Precision of Measurement and Item Exposure
      Timothy Muckle, Betty Bergstrom, Kirk Becker, and John Stahl
Rasch Measurement in Developing Faculty Ratings of Students Applying to Graduate School
      Sooyeon Kim and Patrick C. Kyllonen
Understanding Rasch Measurement:  Using Rasch Scaled Stage Scores to Validate Orders of Hierarchical Complexity of Balance Beam Task Sequences
      Michael Lamport Commons, Eric Andrew Goodheart, Alexander Pekker, Theo Linda Dawson, 
      Karen Draney, and  Kathryn Marie Adams
Richard M. Smith, Editor 
Journal of Applied Measurement 

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