[Rasch] Rasch person reliability and coefficient alpha

Stuart Luppescu s-luppescu at uchicago.edu
Sat May 31 06:14:23 EST 2008

Hi, I'm doing some survey analysis for an outside group. They gave me a
data set of 4 dichotomous items that go together; they say the items
have an alpha of .84. Yet when I Rasch analyze them, I get a reliability
of 0.00. The standard deviation of the person measures is 0.97 and the
RMSE is 1.14 (not surprising given we have only 4 pieces of information
for each person). That gives a separation of 0.00. 

The Rasch analysis results seem totally logical to me. Why is there such
a discrepancy between the two indices of reliability for the same data?
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