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Ev Smith evsmith at uic.edu
Sun Nov 16 04:37:15 EST 2008


The College of Education at the University of Illinois at Chicago is 
preparing to launch online programs in research methodology. We would 
appreciate if you would pass along the information below to US and 
international students (undergraduate and Ph.D. students) and co-workers 
that may find these online programs useful.  Combined, both programs are 
targeting a wide audience (more below) and we would be grateful if you 
could assist us in getting the word out.


The College of Education at the University of Illinois at Chicago is 
seeking qualified students for its Masters of Education (MEd) in 
Measurement, Evaluation, Statistics and Assessment (MESA) online program* 
and for the Educational Research Methodology (ERM) online certificate*.

This online program provides an opportunity for domestic and international 
students with a bachelor's degree from any social, behavioral or 
health-science field to obtain a MEd in MESA. The MEd in MESA online 
program provides rigorous training in quantitative and qualitative 
methodologies and addresses the current industry-wide shortage of 
individuals capable of functioning effectively in educational research and 
other social science research settings. The MEd in MESA online program is 
designed for several student populations: students who want to acquire the 
knowledge and technical skills needed for entry-level positions in academic 
institutions, state and federal agencies, school districts, and the testing 
and evaluation industry (e.g., licensure and certification boards, private 
and not-for-profit testing organizations); students who eventually wish to 
pursue doctoral studies in a MESA area; and PhD students in education and 
other fields who want to increase their research skills and enhance their 
career opportunities by simultaneously enrolling in the MEd in MESA online 

The ERM online certificate provides opportunities for several populations: 
private and public sector workers in education and other social science 
fields who want to upgrade their research skills, graduate students from 
education and other fields who want training in research methods, and those 
individuals desiring to pursue a shorter and focused course of study in 
educational research methods with an option to apply for the full MEd in 
MESA online program.

For more information about the MEd in MESA online program or the ERM online 
certificate please contact Everett Smith at 
<mailto:evsmith at uic.edu>evsmith at uic.edu or (312) 355-0575 for a flyer.
*Pending full academic review.

Everett Smith, Ph.D.
Associate Professor, Educational Psychology
Director, Measurement, Evaluation, Statistics, and Assessment Lab ( 
Associate Editor, Journal of Applied Measurement ( http://www.jampress.org)
For the Ph.D. in MESA visit 
For the M.Ed. in MESA visit http://education.uic.edu/mesa-med/
University of Illinois at Chicago
1040 West Harrison Street
M/C 147
Chicago, IL 60607
Office: 312-996-5630
Fax: 312-996-5651
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