[Rasch] Rasch Workshop in Johannesburg Dec 1,2,3

Trevor Bond trevor.bond at jcu.edu.au
Mon Sep 1 08:04:54 EST 2008

Applying the Rasch Model in the Human Sciences
       A hands-on introductory workshop
               Professor Trevor Bond
               1, 2 and 3 December 2008
Professor Trevor Bond from the Hong Kong Institute of Education will present a 
three-day hands-on workshop on Applying the Rasch Model in the Human 
Sciences at the University of Johannesburg from 1 to 3 December 2008. The 
Rasch model, which is one of a family of Item Response Theory models, provides 
human science researchers (including psychologists, social workers, educators, 
nurses, and managers) with a conceptual and analytic tool to develop, utilize and 
monitor high quality measures of latent variables such as attitudes, traits, and 
abilities. In turn, high quality measurement is likely to have a positive impact on 
research outcomes. The application of item response theory techniques is 
rapidly increasing in popularity and is becoming the norm for establishing the 
quality of the measurement tools used in the social sciences.
The workshop will introduce participants to the conceptual underpinnings of the 
model and will support them to start analysing their own data with Rasch 
analysis software. Participants will receive a copy of the book Applying the 
Rasch Model, which contains the Bond&FoxSteps software. The structure of the 
workshop will be as follows:
Day 1:   Introduction to the model. Analysing tests with dichotomous items 
(including multiple choice items).
Day 2:   Analysing tests with polytomous items (such as Likert-type items)
Day 3:   Evaluating the fit of data to the requirements of the model. Evaluating 
item and test functioning across demographic groups. Linking different forms of 
a test on a common scale. Publishing a Rasch measurement research paper.
Participants will actively work with Rasch analysis software (Bond&FoxSteps) in 
the workshop.
The Department of Human Resource Management and the People Assessment in 
Industry interest group invite you, your colleagues, and students to attend the 
workshop. A certificate of attendance will be issued to participants who attend 
all three days of the workshop. For more information please contact Deon de 
Bruin on 011 559 3944 or <mailto:deondb at uj.ac.za>deondb at uj.ac.za.
Professor Trevor Bond is the lead author of the best selling book Applying the 
Rasch Model: Fundamental measurement in the human sciences, published by 
Erlbaum. He is a specialist reviewer for many academic journals and conducts  
Rasch workshops in SE Asia, Australia, North America and Europe.

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