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Donald, there are a few ways you could go about this. One is simply to
randomize the order of pairs and then assign a certain proportion to each
respondent. So long as there is overlap, they can be scaled together using
the Bradley-Terry-Luce model.

Another way is to use pairwise comparisons with a subset of the objects and
scale them, then simply have respndents compare new objects with those that
have been scaled. New scale locations can be determined given for any total
score based on the number of favorable comparisons (based on the raw-logit
correspondence for the scaled subset).

Another way is to get crude classifications first, then only compare objects
with others in the same classification and one higher or lower.

I'm not sure what you mean by the 'group-level estimates'. Are objects

There is some software you can use for pairwise estimation and analysis of
fit; let me know if it is of interst to you.



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Hi Raschers --
   I'm working on a project that involves pairwise comparisons.  There are
so many objects that I'm afraid I'll have too many comparisons for each
respondent to rate (I'm worried about fatigue).  There must be a systematic
way to divide the comparisons, so I can show some comparisons to some
respondents and other comparisons to other respondents.  I don't think I
will need individual estimates of the pairwise comparisons, just group-level
   Does anyone know of a citation that might be useful to me?

Thanks --

Don Bacon
Professor of Marketing
University of Denver
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