[Rasch] Consulting opportunity in Chicago area

Matt Schulz mschulz at pacificmetrics.com
Sun Sep 14 03:15:42 EST 2008

Wanted : Psychometrician to assist suburban high school with reviewing and
revising final exams and other common course assessments.

Where: Westmont High School in Westmont, IL (west suburban Chicago) a school
of 525 students 9-12 with approximately 45 teaching staff. 

As part of the school's improvement plan and curriculum revision process, we
want to ensure that our own exams, (semester exams, common quarter exams,
etc.) are good tools that not only identify actual student learning, but can
assist us in identifying areas of weakness in the curriculum or instruction.

The first step is to ask for a review of many of our current final exams
between now and October 9 and then ask the consultant to join the staff on
October 10 to review common strengths, weakness and areas for improvement
for the exams in general and then potentially at the department level as
well. The staff would then have the ability to forward you revised exams
prior to the January exam period for your review and critique. 

Experience with ACT /PSAE and other high stakes tests desirable. 

Compensation: Negotiable. 

Contact: Steve Baule,  superintendent , 630.468.8006 or sbaule at cusd201.org 


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