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Dear friends,

I have recently had a paper been basically rejected because the main
reviewer (who said that, in his words, reviews almost 30 papers a year) said
that he had never heard about this "Rasch model" before (he used the
inverted commas himself). His language was humiliating i.e. I said that the
Rasch model accommodates the missing cases (when the assumptions hold) and
his comment was "Lastly in this connection, the authors discuss the need to
take nonresponse into account - and again, "of course" we do, and all modern
statistical packages do so.". He went on like this for ever, in effect,
filling two pages with comments about this strange (unheard of) "Rasch
model". He was a reviewer of one of the most prestigious Marketing journals.
If you could please share published Marketing Rasch  papers with me asap it
would be great.






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Hello all,

Can those of you who are familiar with articles about Rasch measurement in
marketing/advertising please send a link or a copy of the article to me

Thank you very much in advance.

Patrick Fisher
fisher.patrick at comcast.net

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