[Rasch] Use of misfit as information and logits in MRC

Fernando Soares fsoares at fit.edu
Fri Jan 16 09:25:21 EST 2009


Dear list members,


I'm interested in an application of Rasch analysis similar to:


Kaiser, F. G., & Keller, C. (2001). Disclosing Situational Constraints to
Ecological Behavior: A Confirmatory Application of the Mixed Rasch Model.
European Journal of Psychological Assessment, 17(3), 212-221.


The authors used misfit as information about situational constraints. This
is an application of Rasch model to assess behavior difficulty, rather than
item difficulty. In other words, behavior not item difficulty is associated
with logits.


My question is: could I use this approach to compare sub-samples, let's say
contrasting different socio-economic realities, or occupations, or
geographic locations? I see two ways to go: a) developing one scale for each
sub-sample; b) using logits as a variable in multiple regression


Does it make sense to compare sub-scales out of multiple Rasch analysis? If
yes, how, if not, why not? 

Does it make sense to use logits as a variable in multiple regression
correlation analysis? If yes, what do you thing is the best way to go? If
not, why not? 


Thank you so much for your kind assistance.


Fernando Soares

PhD Student - CAPES/Fulbright

Florida Institute of Technology


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