[Rasch] Use of misfit as information and logits in MRC

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Thank you for your question, Fernando.

Kaiser & keller use both demographic groupings and latent classes to 
investigate item difficulty (called "behavior difficulty" in  the paper 
because the items relate to behaviors).

Your interest appears to be in demographic groups. If so, then a standard 
Rasch analysis combined with a DIF analysis (which produces DIF size in 
logits) will produce the findings that you are looking for. A Mixed Rasch 
model is not needed. You can then use conventional statistical techniques 
(such as regression) to investigate the DIF logits.

Does this help?

Mike L.

At 1/15/2009, you wrote:
>I'm interested in an application of Rasch analysis similar to:
>Kaiser, F. G., & Keller, C. (2001). Disclosing Situational Constraints to 
>Ecological Behavior: A Confirmatory Application of the Mixed Rasch Model. 
>European Journal of Psychological Assessment, 17(3), 212-221.

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