[Rasch] 4 vs 1 dimension

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I thought that each subscale is a dimension.  Thereby, there are 4 dimensions since the entire instrument has 4 subscales.  I dont know if this thinking is right.

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"Though I know that the instrument has 4 dimensions"
How do you know?  Isn't this only an assumption?


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The 50-item instrument has 4 subscales where each subscale has 2 to 15 items
quantified using 4-point ordinal scale coded 1=strongly disagree to 4=strongly
agree.  Though I know that the instrument has 4 dimensions, I've tried to
test the unidimensionality of the overall 50 items.  Using Winsteps, the % of
variance explained is somewhat acceptable (>75%) for a unidimensional
assumption.  Am I wrong if I do Rasch analysis for the entire instrument rather
than Rasch analysis for each domain?


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