[Rasch] Constructing variables

Andres Sandoval A.Sandoval at bath.ac.uk
Wed Jan 28 05:21:21 EST 2009


I'm a new user of Rasch Models and therefore have a basic question.

I'm doing an analysis about school attainment and contextual factors. As 
the data set I'm using has got over 500 items, I was advised to use Rasch 
Models to construct "indices" with the items measuring the same 

I grouped the items based on theoretical criteria. Then, using Winsteps, I 
ran Rasch Models obtaining rasch measures, infit coefficients, reliability 

Now, my question is: once I know what items fit in each "index", how can I 
assign a value for each individual in order to use it as an independent 
variable in my analysis?

Any advice or reference to literature explaining this will be much 

Thanks in Advance

Andrés Sandoval-Hernández
PhD Student
Department of Education
University of Bath
Eastwood 20-21
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