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This has been an interesting series of posts.  I am involved with
another journal (from medical education) which has a small (150)
subscription.  We have taken two steps to try and improve availability.


An Australian university runs a database of articles which is fully
searchable by journal or topic.  WE have to provide the articles in pdf
format, but they charge for the download and pay us a royalty.  The
second is to request all our members to cite at least one article from
the journal whenever we submit a paper for publication.  This will
increase the number of citations and lead (in the long term) to
libraries taking a subscription.


I should say however that most universities are moving to online
journals.  Because we have a multi-campus university we have the
majority of our journals available electronically and I cannot remember
the last time I had to visit the physical library.





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You make excellent points, Greg.  When I worked at ACT I asked the
library there to subscribe to certain journals such as JAM and to
purchase books published by JAM and MESA press.  They complied with all
my requests.  I suppose the libraries of most colleges, universities,
and testing companies will do the same for their employees.  That's one
way to help the journal and yourself at the same time.  Also, I would
like to suggest that JAM make the full contents of its articles
available on its website for a fee.    



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Commenting on this string, here are a few thoughts.

Publishing a journal is a terribly expensive endeavor.  Subscriptions
are available and JAM would welcome those requests.

One of the issues facing all journals and confounding efforts to ensure
access through libraries, etc. is the unfair and generally silly ratings
of journals.  These ratings are based almost exclusively on number of
subscriptions.  Lots of subscriptions = a great journal, according to
this rating system.  Many university libraries unfortunately work from
this listing during their approval process, and decline to subscribe for
this reason.  Without library (or personal) subscriptions, it is
difficult to disseminate the journal.  Most university system libraries
have mechanisms for requesting subscriptions.  I suggest that faculty
make such requests.  This would allow easy access to all faculty and

Additionally, those search engines with full PDF journal articles that
many/most universities offer are not free.  In fact, they are quite
expensive.  Libraries in Ohio, for instance, pay hefty subscription fees
to "Ohio Link" (our version of this system).  Ohio Link serves as a
clearinghouse.  They, in turn, pay the journal for this right.  Journals
cannot continue to operate without funding, and no journal I am aware of
provides a completely free service.  Springer, LEA, Sage, etc. all
charge fees either directly to the user for single articles or via a
site license through clearinghouse systems.  I cannot speak to whether
inclusion of JAM would be considered for inclusion by the clearinghouses
or not.  Again, they often work through the ranking system.

I agree that access is very important, for many reasons.  I'm certain
suggestions would be welcomed.

Gregory E. Stone, Ph.D., M.A.

Associate Professor of Research and Measurement
Judith Herb College of Education   University of Toledo, MS #921
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Just to reflect on this request.  The Journal of Applied Measurement is
a useful journal which is almost totally inaccessible electronically.
If anyone else has had a problem with accessing this journal, perhaps
they could voice their concern at this forum.  If we could download
articles in pdf format, the articles would be more readily available,
especially to those in developing countries.  Here in Australia I could
not access this journal via the university library or via any of the
usual subscriptions.  I had to plead with Everett to send me photocopies
of the articles I was after.  This journal has the potential to have
great influence, but if no-one can read the articles easily, then it
seems to me to have a limited readership.

I am interested in the promotion and distribution of Rasch articles but
have decided to publish in the medical journals which are easy to access
around the world.  Perhaps others may have a comment to make about
access to this journal?  We can't subscribe to all journals and
university access is a much better way to search for articles and
download them (for research and teaching purposes).

Kind regards,


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Dear all,

I know it's not the right place to ask such an inappropriate and
impolite question, but nevertheless, I may try.

I'm looking for an article "Establishing mathematical laws of genomic
variation" published in the Journal of applied measurement

Could somebody help me...

Best regards, Andrej
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