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Ratio scales:  Most zero points (reference points) are chosen for 
convenience.  For instance,

when we make a ratio-scale statement such as "This mountain is twice as 
high as that mountain",  we have chosen sea-level as our zero-point;

when we make a ratio-scale statement such as "This room is twice as hot as 
that room",  we have chosen a room at a comfortable room-temperature as our 

Ratio scales are not invariant against change of zero-point. If "John is 
twice as tall as Jim" is true relative to the floor as zero-point, it is 
not true relative to the center-of-the-Earth as zero-point.

Ratio scales are invariant against changes in interval-level 
measurement-units. "John is twice as tall as Jim" is the same for both 
centimeters and inches.

Hope this helps ....

Mike L.

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