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Thanks for your reply Mike,
What's the equation that I wrote in my previous email then?
Is there any way to get ratio scale measures with winsteps (or  by hand) according to that equation?
How can one convert an interval scale logit measure of say, 1.5 to a ratio measure according to the equation in my email? Will  it be again in logits? 
Is Poisson a mathematician?

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Thank you for asking us about Poisson, Anthony.

The Rasch-dichomous model can be written:

Log (Pni1 / Pni0) = Bn - Di

A Rasch-Poisson model is:

Log (Pnix / Pni(x-1)) = Bn - Di - log(x)

where x is a category on a rating scale from 0 to infinity. Since log(x) linearizes the x's, the x's must be on a ratio scale.

You can see that the Rasch-Poisson model becomes the Rasch-dichotomous model if the rating scale is limited to 0,1.

For more technical material, see Georg Rasch at www.rasch.org/memo18.htm

Mike L.

At 5/21/2009, you wrote:

A while ago I heard about Rasch-Poisson model which supports a ratio scale.
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