[Rasch] Online Research Methodology courses and programs at UIC

Ev Smith evsmith at uic.edu
Sat Sep 5 11:01:15 EST 2009

>The University of Illinois at Chicago is offering two online programs in 
>research methodology. The first program is an eight course MEd in 
>Measurement, Evaluation, Statistics, and Assessment (MESA). See 
>for details. The second is an Educational Research Methodology (ERM) 
>Certificate, which consists of a minimum of any three courses offered in 
>the MESA online curriculum. Visit 
><http://education.uic.edu/erm/>http://education.uic.edu/erm/ for more 
>information. Those interested in taking a course without entering a 
>program can enroll as an Extramural Student.
>The current courses are Essentials of Quantitative Inquiry in Education, 
>Advanced Analysis of Variance and Multiple Regression, Multivariate 
>Analysis of Educational Data, Educational Measurement, Rating Scale and 
>Questionnaire Design and Analysis, Educational Program Evaluation, 
>Assessment for Measurement Professionals, and Research Design in 
>Education. We also anticipate adding courses in Hierarchical Linear 
>Modeling and Classroom Assessment. See 
>for course descriptions and 
>for when courses are offered.
>Students enrolled in these online courses come from a variety of backgrounds:
>1) those already holding a PhD or EdD in a non-MESA field wanting to 
>increase their research skills,
>2) those who eventually wish to pursue doctoral studies in a MESA area,
>3) current PhD and EdD students in a non-MESA field wanting to increase 
>their research skills and career opportunities,
>4) those who want to acquire the knowledge and technical skills needed for 
>entry-level positions in academic institutions, state and federal 
>agencies, school districts, and the testing and evaluation industry (e.g., 
>licensure and certification boards, private and not-for-profit testing 
>organizations), and
>5) students enrolled in other graduate programs needing coursework they 
>can transfer into their current degree program.
>  We would appreciate if you would pass along this information to U.S. and 
> international students, co-workers, and any other colleagues that may 
> find these online programs and courses useful.
>  If you have any questions please contact Everett Smith at 
> <mailto:evsmith at uic.edu>evsmith at uic.edu.
>Everett Smith, Ph.D.
>Associate Professor, Educational Psychology
>Director, Measurement, Evaluation, Statistics, and Assessment Lab ( 
>Associate Editor, Journal of Applied Measurement ( http://www.jampress.org)
>For the Ph.D. in MESA visit 
>For the M.Ed. in MESA visit http://education.uic.edu/mesa-med/
>For the online M.Ed. in MESA visit http://education.uic.edu/mesaonline-med/
>For the certificate in Educational Research Methodology visit 
>University of Illinois at Chicago
>1040 West Harrison Street
>M/C 147
>Chicago, IL 60607
>Office: 312-996-5630
>Fax: 312-996-5651

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