[Rasch] DIF studies for polytomous items

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Among other papers for practical examples you might look at

Hagquist, C. Andrich, D. (2004) Is the Sense of Coherence Instrument applicable on adolescents? a latent trait analysis using Rasch-modeling. Personality and Individual Differences. 36, 955-968.

Hagquist, C. and Andrich, D. (2004) Measuring subjective health among adolescents in Sweden: A Rasch-analysis of the HBSC.  Social Indicators Research, 68, 201 - 220.

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Dear Colleagues,

I was wondering if anybody can point me to the information sources regarding differential item functioning studies for polytomous items.  Particularly, I would like to find the studies that utilized actual data rather than simulated ones.  What I am hoping to learn from these studies is the procedure for conducting a DIF study for polychromous items.  Particularly, I have a hard time understanding the analysis steps after I calibrate item difficulties and category threshold parameters separately for focal and reference groups.  Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.


Kenji Yamazaki

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