[Rasch] DIF studies for polytomous items

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There is another study using Rasch methods for investigating DIF in scalar
items with ConQuest:
ELDER, C., T.F. McNAMARA and P. CONGDON (2003) Rasch techniques for
detecting bias in performance assessments: An example comparing the
performance of native and non native speakers on a test of academic English.
Journal of Applied Measurement 4,2: 181-197
Tim McNamara

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> Also, you may like to have a look at the following paper:
> - Potenza, M. T. & Dorans, N. J. (1995). DIF Assessment for polytomously
> scored items: A framework for classification and evaluation. Applies
> Psychological Measurement, 19(1), 23-37.
> This dissertation may also help you:   - Tian F. (1999). Detecting DIF in
> polytomous item responses. Unpublished dissertation. University of Ottowa.
> E. A. Shabni,
> shabani at ut.ac.ir 
> <http://us.mc525.mail.yahoo.com/mc/compose?to=shabani@ut.ac.ir>

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