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            I have following question on CAT.


1. Is there any performance test done for the CAT test which reveals these
many machines (Some standard configuration) are required for this
concurrency of test takers?


2. What is the algorithm used for tagging the test questions with a, b and c
values in high stake tests like GRE and GMAT.


3. How is the ability obtained from CAT converted to scores like what GRE


4. What is the ability range for items taken for GRE and GMAT tests (-3 to
+3 / -4 to +4/ something else).


5. I have been using the steps given in http://www.rasch.org/rmt/rmt102t.htm
for calculating the difficulty of the next question to be administered. Is
there any other way to accomplish this? If yes what is the criteria on which
a particular approach is used.




Ranganath S

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