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Is this what the data for one of your items looks like?
1) How many seconds were required?  (Poisson count or percent of maximum)
2) How many words were attempted? (Poisson count or percent of maximum)
3) How many those words (or of the maximum) were done correctly? (Percent 
or Poisson count)

Then the major challenge is deciding the relative weighting of speed and 
accuracy. The analysis for one of my clients failed at this point. They 
could not make the decision :-(

For the analysis, it is probably easier to measure two variables, "speed" 
and "accuracy" (paralleling "addition" ability and "subtraction" ability 
for an arithmetic test). Then combine the resulting pairs of measures using 
the chosen weighting.

This type of data is analyzable with Facets.

Mike L.
mike at winsteps.com

At 12/11/2010, you wrote:
>The task is for the student to read to each parenthesized word set and 
>select the word that fits.
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