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Tue Dec 14 09:48:34 EST 2010

 Listers -- 

Years ago I used a program that would automatically link networks of Rasch calibrated forms that had common items with local calibrations. First it would attempt to link all forms that had overlapping items and then it would look at 2nd degree links, and so on. We used this for as many as 40 overlapping forms which shared varying numbers of overlapping items in various positions. I think Ben Write called this process triangulation. 

You could designate any form as the base form. It would tell you the quality of each of the links and list outlier items. You could designate which items to remove from the links and rerun. It seems to me that we got the program from Fred Foster, but I may be mistaken. I recall that It was written in FORTRAN IV and ran on a mainframe. 

Does any anyone have any information about it. (We called it LINK, in a burst of originality.) or know of another application that might serve the same purpose.


David Mott
Richmond, VA
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