[Rasch] logistic regression vs UCON

Rense Lange rense.lange at gmail.com
Wed Feb 3 09:43:10 EST 2010

Thanks for proposing using SAS and/or Winsteps, this means that I have to
clarify my question.

I am trying to do "on the fly" item calibration in a CAT context where new
items with known locations are mixed in with pilot items, i.e., without
known locs. I am looking for a way to also target the selection of pilot
items dynamically during the regular CAT so as to speed up their calibration
and I wanted everything to be self contained. The estimation of the pilot
items' locs wouldn't have to be too precise I think to be useful. But, being
self-contained may not be worth the hassle, perhaps I could run Winsteps/SAS
dynamically as well ...


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