[Rasch] Facet measure reporting at the subscale level

Kenji Yamazaki yk0271 at yahoo.co.jp
Thu Feb 11 04:29:58 EST 2010

Dear Colleagues,
  I was wondering if anyone would answer my question or lead me to some information source that would answer my question.  My question is about the use of the FACETS program to report measures by subscales.  Specifically, I have a performance assessment survey that consists of two subscales (i.e.,
 professionalism, communication skills).  Each of these subscales contains 10 items.  Subjects being assessed are medical residents.  Their supervisors assessed residents’ performance using the 20 items.
  I am trying to obtain residents’ performance measures based on the two subscales.  First, I calibrated measures including all 20 items at once in the model.  If I use this procedure, all residents’ measures I can obtain are those based on all 20 items.  What I would like to accomplish is to
 obtain measures for each of the two scales.  Any help would be greatly appreciated. 
  Kenji Yamazaki 

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