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Criterion Referenced Testing:
Practice Analysis to Score Reporting Using Rasch Measurement

Edited by
Everett V. Smith, Jr.
University of Illinois, Chicago

Gregory E. Stone
University of Toledo

JAM Press is pleased to announce the new book, Criterion Referenced 
Testing:  Practice Analysis to Score Reporting Using Rasch Measurement, is 
available. The book is available in soft cover ($57, ISBN 
978-1-934116-05-3) and hard cover ($69, ISBN 978-1-934116-04-0). Postage 
and handling are additional. Information on ordering the book is found on 
the reverse of this announcement. Information is also available at the 
Journal of Applied Measurement web site 
(<http://www.jampress.org/>www.jampress.org). Please go to the JAM Press 
Books page on the website and scroll down to the new books section.
The titles and authors of the 24 chapters are as follows:
1. Applications of Rasch Measurement to Job Analysis Data and the 
Translation into Content Weights
           Ning Wang
2. Distractors with Information in Multiple Choice Items: A Rationale Based 
on the Rasch Model
           David Andrich and Irene Styles
3. Item and Rater Analysis of Constructed Response Items via the 
Multi-Faceted Rasch Model
           Edward W. Wolfe
4. Assessment of Differential Item Functioning
           Wen-Chung Wang
5. Transitioning from Paper-and-Pencil to Computer-Based 
Testing:  Examining Stability of the Rasch Latent Trait across Gender and 
           Do-Hong Kim and Huynh Huynh
6. Introduction to the Rasch Family of Standard Setting Methods
           Gregory Ethan Stone
7. Psychometric Aspects of Item Mapping for Criterion-Referenced 
Interpretation and Bookmark Standard Setting
           Huynh Huynh
8. Converging on the Tipping Point: A Diagnostic Methodology for Standard 
           John A. Stahl and Kirk A. Becker
9. A Mapmark Method of Standard Setting as Implemented for the National 
Assessment Governing Board
           E. Matthew Schulz and Howard C. Mitzel
10. Setting Passing Standards for Licensure and Certification Examinations: 
An Item Mapping Procedure
           Ning Wang
11. Standard Setting with Dichotomous and Constructed Response Items:  Some 
Rasch Model Approaches
           Robert G. MacCann
12. Selecting Cut Scores with a Composite of Item Types: The Construct 
Mapping Procedure
           Karen Draney and Mark Wilson
13. Objective Standard-Setting for Judge-Mediated Examinations
           Gregory Ethan Stone
14. Evaluating the Judgments of Standard-Setting Panelists using Rasch 
Measurement Theory
           George Engelhard, Jr.
15. The Mastery Level Judgment Consistency Rate of a Rasch Model Based 
Standard Setting Method for Classroom Achievement Tests
           Sun-Geun Baek and In Hee Choi
16. Equating Designs and Procedures Used in Rasch Scaling
           Gary Skaggs and Edward W. Wolfe
17. Tools for Measuring Academic Growth
           G. Gage Kingsbury, Martha McCall, and Carl Hauser
18. Developing Examinations that use Equal Raw Scores for Cut Scores
           Andrew Swanlund and Everett Smith
19. A Comparison between Robust z and 0.3-Logit Difference Procedures in 
Assessing Stability of Linking Items for the Rasch Model
           Huynh Huynh and Anita Rawls
20. Equating of Multi-Facet Tests Across Administrations
           Mary Lunz and Surintorn Suanthong
21. Computerized Adaptive Testing
           Ying Cheng and Leslie Keng
22. The ISR: Intelligent Student Reports
           Ronald Mead
23. Estimation of Decision Consistency Indices for Complex Assessments: 
Model Based Approaches
           Matthew Stearns and Richard M. Smith
24. Deriving Proficiency Scales from Performance Indicators Using the Rasch 
           Jean-Guy Blais, Michel D. Laurier, and Christian Rousseau

Everett Smith, Ph.D.
Associate Professor, Educational Psychology
Director, Measurement, Evaluation, Statistics, and Assessment Lab ( 
Associate Editor, Journal of Applied Measurement ( http://www.jampress.org)
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