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Trevor Bond trevor.bond at jcu.edu.au
Mon Jan 25 15:33:02 EST 2010

Dear Rasch colleagues,

A yong colleague sent me this:

A sharing: I came across recently a news article on NY times ( in 2000) on the 
death of Dr Frederic Lord, and an interesting metaphor of how/ what a 3-PL 
advocate, Martha Stocking, did,
“In seeking to explain the magnitude of Dr. Lord's ideas, which came to be 
known as Item Response Theory, Martha Stocking, a principal research scientist 
at the testing service since 1967, used a staple of the College Board exams: an 
''Imagine in the 1900's or earlier building cars,'' Ms. Stocking said. ''One 
approach would be to take a horse-drawn cart and put an engine on it. Another 
approach would be, in the privacy of your own workshop, to build a scale model 
of a car and then when you get the perfect car in the scale model, then scale it 
up to a real-car size.

 (TGB: Mind the Gap!)

''Building statistical models is just like this. You take a real situation with real 
data, messy as that is, and build a model that works to explain the behavior of 
real data.''
In addition to the College Board exams, Dr. Lord's models would influence the 
Graduate Record exam, the Test of English as a Foreign Language, the Graduate 
Management Admissions Test and the Law School Admissions Test.”

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