[Rasch] A FACETS problem

Petroski, Greg PetroskiG at health.missouri.edu
Wed Jan 27 09:13:22 EST 2010

Hi Mike,

Thank you for the reply.  My feeling right now is that FACETS is mind-boggling complicated, or at least requires more than I am willing to invest, and I am not sure it really gets at inferences I am interested in.  

A more simple approach would be to calibrate the items for each subscale using data from all staff types and time points, get a measures for each individual respondent, and then take this as the input for the analysis of variance.  I sure there are holes in this plan so invite objections.


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Thank you for asking for our input.

Does this work? Facet 1: staff type; Facet 2: time point; Facet 3: items - 
and a Facet 1 x Facet 2 bias/interaction

Mike L.

At 1/22/2010, you wrote:
>Interest centers on if there are differences in perception of the 
>workplace by staff type (job title), and is there a shift in perception 
>over time (and possibly was that shift different for different staff 
>types, i.e. a time by job-title interaction).

Please consider the environment before you print

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