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Thank you for asking us, Ranganaths.

You asked:
>1. I am wondering how the IRT in its computer application version called 
>CAT useful in accessing a student?.

Answer: CAT is useful and effective. Each student can have a customized 
test with increased security and flexible test scheduling. relative to 
paper-and-pencil tests.

You asked:
>2. What question types are used for CAT?

Reply: Any type that can be computer-scored. Multiple-choice questions are 
the most common.

You asked:
>3. Which of the 3 models 1P, 2P and 3P is useful for a correct judgment of 
>the student's ability?

Reply: In practice, 1P (Rasch) is the most practical model for item 
selection and ability estimation for items scored right/wrong.

You asked:
>4. Which book is best suited to know the advanced form of IRT for the real 
>application of it?

Reply: You could start with a Google search of www.rasch.org for documents 
explaining basic CAT concepts. Then Google-search the Internet for 
documents and books relating to more complex topics, such as CAT test 
security and CAT item exposure.

Mike L.

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