[Rasch] psychometrics to measure dynamicity

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Thank you for your question, Parisa.

We can certainly measure "dynamicity". The underlying latent trait must 
remain constant. At each new time-point, the person becomes a new "person" 
with a new location on the latent trait. We need some of the same (or 
almost the same) items across pairs of time points. Then we can construct a 
data matrix looking like Figure 2 in http://www.rasch.org/rmt/rmt61e.htm


Mike L.

At 7/29/2010, you wrote:
>Dear List members,
>I have a question and I hope to have your response. As far as I know, 
>statistics and psychometric are set to measure static nature of the trait. 
>Can we use statistics to measure dynamicity of the trait. For example, in 
>Dynamic assessment, where tutor attempts to provide feedback (first 
>implicitly then explicitly) according to learner's responsiveness, the 
>trait is not static but dynamic. This means that similar outcome on post 
>test is achieved through different procedures or hint.
>How is it possible to use psychometric to measure dynamicity?
>I appreciate your reply in advance.
>Parisa Daftarifard

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