[Rasch] Value added models for teacher effectiveness

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My apologies-it seems that this paper documents trouble with the
"science" part of the VAM process as you articulated.  Nonetheless, I
still think the essence of the argument is in the construct.  Until we
understand what it is we are trying to measure when we ask what "value"
a teacher adds to the life of a student it will be hard to generate a
useful measure.




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Thought I'd share the following link with you all.  It's a paper that is
critical of value-added models for evaluating teachers.  The value-added
approach came up in a discussion following Brent Duckor's talk at the
Rasch SIG meeting last week.  In that discussion, I described papers
such as the one in this link.  It was my opinion that value added models
are bad statistics, as opposed to the good measurement work described by
Brent.   "Good" statistical practice includes, among other things,
recognizing the limitations of one's statistics.       




Matt Schulz




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