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Tom Conner connert at msu.edu
Tue May 18 01:30:45 EST 2010

The almost unsolvable problem with such an investigation is the 
interpretation of "don't know" response options.  The issues have been 
debated multiple times in the literature and I do not see any 
consensus.  What would the other response options be?  What would the 
instructions be for filling out the survey?  What would be the placement 
of "don't know" among the other response options?  How would you 
distinguish not knowing from "admitting" to not knowing?


Randy & Shelley MacIntosh wrote:
> I am interested in studying the use of  'don't know' responses to 
> survey questions about current events.
> We suspect that women are more willing to admit they don't know 
> something compared to men.
> I was thinking about applying the Rasch model and treating 'don't 
> know' as the 'correct' answer, and then doing a DIF analysis.
> I was wondering if anyone has conducted a similar analysis or can 
> perhaps suggest a published study?
> Thanks,
> Randy MacIntosh
> CSU Sacramento
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