[Rasch] Empirical order & Theoretical order

Tom Conner connert at msu.edu
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I would do a couple of things.  I would do a critical analysis of the 
theory behind the theoretical ordering and how well the items represent 
that ordering.  Your theory may need revision.  Second, but probably 
more important, I would interview test takers.  It is quite possible 
that they understand the items differently than you, or see other 
information that you did not see.  I would guess that some easier items 
turn out to be more difficult than theoretically specified rather than 
the reverse.


Anthony James wrote:
> Dear colleagues,
> If the empirical difficulty order of items does not corresponde with the theoretical difficulty in terms of coginitive demand of the items, what can we conclude about the test?
> Does this invalidate the additivity of the scores, even if we have perfect fit?
> Cheers
> Anthony
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