[Rasch] Validity for nominal based questionnaire

Parisa Daftari Fard pdaftaryfard at yahoo.com
Tue Nov 2 04:06:38 EST 2010

Dear Rasch list members,
I have read about situation analysis through some articles and books, however, I have not come across with the procedure of validation of situation assessment questionnaire for the purpose of material preparation (like cross validation, or factor analysis or similar methods). I wonder if there is a need to validate situation questionnaire or learners' needs questionnaire (by learners need I mean different possible topic learners would like to include in their book). 
Usually in situation questionnaires, learners are asked about their interest in or needs for certain contents they like to read and have in their ESP books or possible use of language they are required in target situation saying English. 
Aren't these information similar to information on demographic questionnaire where we ask about learners' age, gender and the like. 
As validity refers to the usefulness and the plausible inference we made based on the instrument result, It is valid to estimate validity of a questionnaire whose nature is Nominal (like dislike) not ordinal?
Your comments, sources and help are highly appreciated in advance.
Parisa Daftarifard

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