[Rasch] Rasch equating doesn't adjust for changes in reliability?

Mike Linacre rmt at rasch.org
Sat Oct 9 20:17:09 EST 2010

Stuart L. writes:
"This resulted in the mean scale score declining by a small amount, but 
since the distribution spread out more, more students reached the 
proficiency level: an obvious contradiction (according to the testing 

Now we know why US education is in such serious trouble! We don't need 
better students. We don't need better teachers. We need better administrators!

Using 3-PL will homogenize the student distributions to be the same N(m,v) 
every year. No administrator will be fired for poor performance! But in 
real terms (TIMSS, etc.) the USA will continue to sink down the 
international rankings :-(

Mike L.

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