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The University of Illinois at Chicago will be offering 4 online classes as 
part of our online M.Ed. in Measurement, Evaluation, Statistics, and 
Assessment degree (see 
and our online Educational Research Methodology certification program 

These courses are also offered to non-degree seeking students and 
professionals seeking additional methodological training.

The four online courses for Spring 2011 are:
EPSY 505 Advanced Analysis of Variance and Multiple Regression
EPSY 512 Hierarchical Linear Models
EPSY 546 Educational Measurement
EPSY 561 Assessment for Measurement Professionals

Please see 
for course descriptions. Note that EPSY 505 and EPSY 546 require an 
introductory statistics courses as a prerequisite.  EPSY 512 further 
requires a full semester course in ANOVA or Regression as a prerequisite.

We would appreciate if you would pass along this information to U.S. and 
international students, co-workers, and any other colleagues that may find 
these courses useful.

If you have any questions regarding these courses, the application process, 
the MED in MESA or ERM certificate please contact Everett Smith at 
<mailto:evsmith at uic.edu>evsmith at uic.edu.

Everett Smith, Ph.D.
Associate Professor, Educational Psychology
Director, Measurement, Evaluation, Statistics, and Assessment Lab ( 
Associate Editor, Journal of Applied Measurement ( http://www.jampress.org)
For the Ph.D. in MESA visit 
For the M.Ed. in MESA visit http://education.uic.edu/mesa-med/
For the online M.Ed. in MESA visit http://education.uic.edu/mesaonline-med/
For the certificate in Educational Research Methodology visit 
University of Illinois at Chicago
1040 West Harrison Street
M/C 147
Chicago, IL 60607
Office: 312-996-5630
Fax: 312-996-5651
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