[Rasch] validating questionnaire through Rasch model

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Dear Dr. Commons,
Thank you so much for your reply. If I am to see how items belongs to this uni-dimensional, can I use Rasch model. In the case it has two dimensions,Do you suggest factor analysis through Rasch model or through correlational analysis (SPSS). Is there any article to validate a questionnaire through Facet or Unidimensional Rasch model You can refer me to.
I appreciate your help in advance.

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Only partially validate.  Validation comes in many forms.  That the scale is unidimensional, can be validated.
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Dear Rasch members,
I have a question and I wish to have your kind help and suggestion. Is it possible to validate a questionnaire through Rasch model. This is questioning for me because questionnaire is not dichotomous but likert

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