[Rasch] validating questionnaire through Rasch model

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Dear Dr. Stone,
Thank you so much for the reference. But the book is not edited; the one I have bought is written by Borsboom (2005). To article , I have no access but I will try to find it.

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In addition to what has been suggested I would like to highlight the notion that validity is essentially an evaluative process using measurement and statistical operations as support. 

That being said, an alternative to Messick contends that validity should be considered different from the validation process.  You may find information on this theory in the following:

Borsboom, D. (2005). The concepts of validity. In D. Borsboom (Ed.), Measuring the mind: Conceptual issues in contemporary psychometrics (pp. 149-172). Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

Borsboom, D., Mellenbergh, G. J., & van Heerden, J. (2004). The concept of validity. Psychological Review, 111(4), 1061-1071.

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Dear Rasch members,


I have a question and I wish to have your kind help and suggestion. Is it possible to validate a questionnaire through Rasch model. This is questioning for me because questionnaire is not dichotomous but likert

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