[Rasch] Brief comments about ICOM 2010

Agustin Tristan ici_kalt at yahoo.com
Tue Sep 21 04:05:40 EST 2010

Hello everyone,
just a few words to tell you that the ICOM 2010 in  Bethesda, Maryland, was a successful meeting! We had the opportunity to meet other friends from this listserve participating in the conferences and other activities. The main focus of the meeting was in health topics, certainly the PROMIS is the most impressive project by the amount in money, people involved and the goals, but certainly many more projects were of the main interest for some of us. I had a big learning this time of some aspects not only from the presentations but also during the discussions, as it is clear how some techniques and modalities used in health may be useful tools in education and viceversa.
I have to say that we expected more participation form Latin American countries, probably we have to organize a new ICOM for the region. 
I knew that the PDF of the presentations will be available in the following weeks, if someone is interested on this documents it could be important to contact the organizers.
Congratulations to everyone!
Agustin Tristan

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