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Tue Apr 5 13:33:00 EST 2011

A 15-item survey questionnaire that utilized a 4-point ordinal response options(1=strongly disagree, 2=disagree, 3=agree, 4=strongly agree) was developed. The said questionnaire will be used to assess the performance of the four food stores (A,B,C, D) in a school canteen.  It is a one page questionnaire where the students as respondents of the survey will indicate their ratings for each store for each item. The questionnaire was administered to 300 students.  
I want to analyze the psychometric properties of the questionnaire using Rasch model. The questionnaire has three constructs with five items each.  In the analysis, I would assume that each construct is unidimentional.  Thus, I would do Rasch analysis for each constract.  Here are my questions: (1)  Should I analyze the data (n=300) from one store (say store A) only?  (2) Is it wrong to use the 1400 (A+B+C+D) in the analysis? If so, why?
Thank you for your help?

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