[Rasch] I have two very different instruments that I think measure the same thing.

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 1.  That’s no problem Michael...you can combine RSM items and dichot items in one analysis in WinSteps
 2.  Look at Chap 5 in B&F 2nd – you eaxct issue is canvassed and XL spreadsheet provided

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  They are of different forms.  One is on a 1-6 scale, the other right and wrong

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 On 4/21/2011 1:09 PM, Rense Lange wrote:
Why not scale them (both tests = all items) together? If they really measure the same thing, everything should fit. And, in this case you just have defined a more reliable test of the construct.

No problem if some items don't fit, then you learned something useful also ...


2011/4/21 Michael Lamport Commons <commons at tiac.net>

 I have two very different instruments that I think measure the same thing.  What tests do you think would be useful in comparing person scores.  Note that the means will be close but the standard deviations might be more different.  Should a simple t-test do?

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