[Rasch] Estimating Rasch Measures for Extreme Scores

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In studying stages of development, the very highest stage we measure 
(about 1.5% of the educated population) always have items that have 
larger than 2.0 infit errors.  We do not think they are on a different 
scale.  We have found this in about 20 studies.  Once in a while the 
lowest group of items with the lowest order of hierarchical complexity 
also have larger than 2.0 infit errors

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> Hmmm, I have been working intensely in the rasch world for years, and these are questions I never had to answer. I think that there are not many people around with an answer from the top of their head. Problems like the ones I face today are very common. We may need a dedicated publication that will provide answers to people facing problems when dealing with people who are sceptical about rasch models...
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