[Rasch] Rasch Analysis on Vignette Instruments

Mike Linacre rmt at rasch.org
Fri Aug 12 06:37:24 EST 2011

Dare Institute, thank you for asking our advice.

You write: "the participant will rate highly the vignette that corresponds 
to the stage he/she is at, and that the participant will give lower ratings 
to the other vignettes."

This indicates that the data are "folded". Since you have a theory about 
the hierarchy of the vignette-items, you can "unfold" the data, into 
"0=participant below this level", "1=at this level", "2=above this level". 
If participants were perfectly self-consistent, this would produce a 
perfect Guttman Scalogram.

So an immediate suggestion is to recode the data into 0,1,2 and then do a 
rating-scale analysis. If this analysis produces promising findings, then 
the next stage would be to make the recoding more elaborate.


Mike L.

At 8/11/2011, you wrote:
>In each instrument, five or more vignettes are presented. .....

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