[Rasch] compare nested models in Facets

Iasonas Lamprianou liasonas at cytanet.com.cy
Wed Dec 21 17:44:33 EST 2011

Dear friends, 

I am using Facets, but not the latest version of Windows Facets. As a result, my Facets does not produce information like the following.

Data log-likelihood chi-square = 270479.6875
Approximate degrees of freedom = 62343
Chi-square significance prob.  = .0000
                                         Count   Mean   S.D.   Params
Responses used for estimation      =     73358   7.40   2.73    11015
Responses in one extreme score     =        15   0.13   0.50        5
All Responses                      =     73373   7.40   2.73    11020
Count of measurable responses      =     73373
Raw-score variance of observations   =   7.46 100.00%
Variance explained by Rasch measures =   4.58  61.35%
Variance of residuals                =   2.89  38.65%

However, I would like to be able to produce this information because it is useful  for my analyses. How can I do it without buying the new Facets?

The reason I need this, is to do the following: I run a model with 4 facets and then I used the same data but removed one facet from the analysis. Presumably, if I deduct the "Data log-likelihood chi-square" of the second model from that of the second, then this gives me the improvement of the model fit for df1-df2 where the df is the "Approximate degrees of freedom" for each model. Then, I assume that this is a chi-square with df1-df2 degrees of freedom in order to test if I should actually model the 4th facet or not. Is this procedure correct to test the two (nested?) models? Do we havea  reference for this?

Thank you for your support 


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