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Colleagues. We would appreciate if you would forward the below message to 
anyone you may know
(domestic and international) that may be interested in our online programs 
or courses in quantitative methods.


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Online Programs and Courses
from UIC College of Education

Do you want to do any of the following without leaving your current job, 
commuting to school, or relocating to a different city, country, or continent?

·         Enhance your knowledge of quantitative and qualitative methods

·         Gain the knowledge and technical skills needed for positions in 
any of the following settings

o    academic institutions

o    research consulting firms

o    school districts

o    state and federal agencies

o    the testing and evaluation industry

·         Prepare for doctoral studies in a Measurement, Evaluation, 
Statistics, and Assessment area

·         Increase your research skills and enhance your career opportunities

·         Take a course for a professional development or personal interest

If so, one of our online programs may work for you:

·         <http://education.uic.edu/mesaonline-med/>Online Masters of 
Measurement, Evaluation, Statistics, and Assessment (MESA)

·         <http://education.uic.edu/erm/>Online Certificate in Educational 
Research Methodology (ERM)

·         Online Extramural (non-degree) Student

We offer high quality and rigorous courses:

·         ANOVA and Regression Models

·         Assessment for Measurement Professionals

·         Educational Measurement

·         Hierarchical Linear Models

·         Introductory Statistics

·         Item Response Theory

·         Multivariate Statistics

·         Program Evaluation

·         Rating Scale Analysis with Rasch Models

·         Research Design

To learn more about our online programs, view our:


<http://education.uic.edu/mesaonline-med/onlineschedule.cfm>schedule of 

·         <http://education.uic.edu/erm/coursedescriptions.cfm>course 

·         <http://education.uic.edu/mesaonline-med/faq.cfm>MESA FAQ

·         <http://education.uic.edu/erm/faq.cfm>ERM 

·         <http://www.uic.edu/~evsmith/MESA/ExtramuralFAQ.pdf>Extramural 
(non-degree) Student FAQ

Any questions? Contact Dr. Everett Smith at 
<mailto:evsmith at uic.edu>evsmith at uic.edu.

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For the Ph.D. in MESA visit 
For the M.Ed. in MESA visit http://education.uic.edu/mesa-med/
For the online M.Ed. in MESA visit http://education.uic.edu/mesaonline-med/
For the certificate in Educational Research Methodology visit 
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